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Final leg of the public debate on capital punishment kicks off tomorrow Wednesday in Kirinyaga County

The Power of Mercy Advisory Committee (POMAC) will on Thursday 18th August, 2016 visit the Nairobi West Prison to sensitize and educate prisoners and staff working in the correctional facility on the power of mercy and procedures relating to its application. The activity will take place at 10.30 a.m. During the Nairobi West Prison visit, the Committee will also seek the views of persons in the correctional facility on the death penalty. One of the core functions of the Committee is to undertake or commission research and collect data on matters relating to the power of mercy. At present, POMAC in partnership with the National Crime Research Centre is conducting a national public debate to solicit views from the general public, on the subject of capital offences and capital punishment. The objective of the debate is to provide an open dialogue on what Kenyans want in regard to the handling of capital offenders and the management of capital offences.