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Section 14 of the Power of Mercy Act mandates the Power of Mercy Advisory Committee to educate stakeholders on the power of mercy. The Committee implements this mandate through various means that include:


Correctional Facilities

The Committee works with State organs responsible for correctional services to educate persons in correctional facilities on the power of mercy and procedures relating to applications for its exercise.


Courtesy Visits

The Committee makes regular courtesy visits to key stakeholders including national and county government officials and those from non-state organisations to discuss about the power of mercy and share views on areas of mutual concern.



The Committee partners with stakeholders such as the National Government Administration Officers to disseminate information to communities on the power of mercy


Public Forums

Engagement with the general public is key to the mercy process. The Committee provides relevant information through public forums and engages directly with the public during sensitization sessions.



The Media acts as an important intermediary between the Committee and the public by way of disseminating information on the petition processes and the work of the Committee.